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Gourmet Walking Tour of Lecce

Lecce is a food lover's paradise, as it is home to some of the most exquisite specialties you could possibly find in Italy. During this gourmet tour in Lecce, you will go through an immersive journey into Leccese cuisine, by savouring the top dishes of the traditions in the best spots in town.  A proper food lover's crawl, you will be guided through a mix of cult classic culinary institutions and hidden gems on the tiny streets off famous squares. You will visit historical cafes,  bakers, family-owned trattorias, a  fish bar set in a beautiful rooftop terrace, institutional gelato parlors and more. You will get an insight into Lecce's  food history while getting a sense of the city with this specialty gourmet walk. This tour is a must for true food lovers who want to get down to the grain of the local food culture.

  • 4 gourmet tasting pit-stops, with wine at 2 stops

  • Start time: 5.30 pm Days: Monday-Saturday 

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Inclusions: All tastings , bilingual food expert. Group Tour Cost:  please Inquire Private Tour Cost: Please Inquire. Cost depends on group size and request. 

  • Not included: Travel insurance, transport, additional tastings and trip cancellation insurance. 

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