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The Harvest Experience

​The Harvest is one of our favourite Salento Cooking Adventures as it happens during one of the most exciting times of the year.

Harvest season starts at the end of August and continues up until October, with Salento bursting with wine events all over the region.

Immerse yourself in a rural place where you can participate in the traditional rituals of the harvest such as the picking of and  cheerful pressing of grapes, learn about territory and other aspects that make our wine so special and indulge in wine pairings.

A proper harvest that will culminate in receiving your own wine bottle, whose production will happen thanks to your hard work!

Grape Harvest

The Day Trips Grape Harvest Tour and Tasting is an experiential day trip which offers hands-on experience harvesting grapes during harvest season (august – September) and explore the fine crafts of grape growing and winemaking.


Grape Harvest  One Day Program:

9,00 am meet your guide

9,30 am arrival to the winery and little harvest introduction (vintagers instructions and supervision, a vintage hat and pruning shears)

10,00 am Start to pick-up the grapes

12,00 am winery, visit and wine tasting

01,30 pm Light lunch

03,00 pm Return to your location

all tours are organised by Serafino Incoming Tour Operator

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